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At Goldenhill Primary Academy, we are passionate about building strong mental wellbeing and resilience in all our pupils. This is why as a school we have launched a programme callex Zumos as a major part of our school’s pastoral care.


Children take part in daily sessions using Zumos to help improve their mental health and wellbeing. Each day the children log their feelings and take part in mindfulness breathing techniques. These feelings are then logged by the teacher and followed up if children are feeling not too great!  Zumos is also used as a tool to support children who may experience different worries or who are faced with difficult situations. 


Children have a personal Zumos homepage with their own personal log in details. On this homepage children are able to play CAHMS registered games and log their worries through their diary or their own worry box. These worries are then sent to both the classroom teacher and Extended Services Manager who monitor and reply to these worries. 


On top of this, the children will also have access throughout each week to play the games, add in any worries to the worry box and listen to personalised podcasts in their toolbox. The messages are very powerful for all children and our teachers love to hear them too!


We LOVE Zumos and the tools that it provides for both teachers, parents and pupils at our academy.