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Challenge Grid week commencing 08-06-20


The topic this half term is "What is a shadow?" looking at light and dark, night and day and shadows. Hopefully the sunny weather will stay with us and we can do a lot of investigating outside.


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You are a brilliant class, keep smiling and working hard. 

Thank you all so much and stay safe.


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P4C –Would you rather be able to talk to land animals, animals that fly or animals that live under the water? Why?



Watch the Gruffalo’s child


Listen to the story of the Gruffalo’s Child


Why does the Gruffalo’s Child think that the mouse is “big, bad and strong”?


This is a rhyming story. Can you think of any words to rhyme with ..












What is light?


Where does light come from?


How can you make a shadow?


Can you change the size of a shadow? How?


Do shadows have a colour?


If you can see through an object (transparent), Does a transparent object cast a shadow?


Find three opaque (not able to be seen through) and three transparent objects in your house.

Is it easier to find opaque or transparent objects?




Sing the phase 2 Jolly Phonics Songs


Sing phase 3 Jolly Phonics songs


Phase 2 tricky words


Phase 3 tricky words


Practice writing the long ladder letters l, i, t, u, j, y


They all start at the top and come down. What will you choose to write in this week –sand?


What does the word the word say?





Think of words starting and ending ending with




Draw or write words that start or end in end in “s” or “ss”


The ss sound


Meet Alphablock s



Use a knife to butter your toast in the morning.

Try to cut your slice of toast in half.

Will you make rectangles or triangles?


Wash your hands to keep the germs away




Watch Alphablocks in


Can you sound out the letters you need to write in, sit, tin, pin, tip,

Sound of the week “y”  -







Action – pretend to eat a yoghurt from a spoon saying y,y,y


Tune – apples and bananas


I like to eat, eat, eat, yoghurt and bananas,

I like to eat, eat, eat, yoghurt and bananas,

I like to eat, eat, eat, yoghurt and bananas,



Alphablocks meet y


The y sound


Phonics games


Shadow drawing challenge.

Can you draw around a shadow?

What colour is the shadow?

What do you need to make a shadow?

Can you make shadows inside and outside?




Count the drum beats



Numberblocks – Blast Off


Numberblocks – counting sheep


Numberblocks  -

The terrible twos


Numberblocks –

Double trouble


Numberblocks – the three threes







Moody monsters


How do you feel?

What makes you happy?

What makes you sad?

What makes you cross?


Listen to Ruby’s worry

(There is a link to a CBeebies bedtime story of Ruby's Worry at the bottom of this page. It is available until 17-6-20)


Draw a picture of your worry. How can you make it smaller? Can anybody help?



Make up a dance to your favourite song.



Make a mini obstacle course using anything you can find, buckets plant pots, rope, boxes, planks. Can you include something to crawl through? If resources are limited try simple movement sequences e.g. Jump over a stick, whoosh from one end of the yard and back, Twirl or RolyPoly on the spot.

Phonics Play-


Silly Soup!

Using a mixing bowl, spoon and set of rhyming pictures/objects. Sing,


‘I’m making lots of silly soup, I’m making soup that’s silly. I’m going to cook it in the fridge to make it nice and chilly.’


Identify which rhyming objects/pictures can be added to the soup reciting the string of rhyming ingredients as the pictures/ objects are stirred into the bowl. Over emphasize the rhyming part of the word.


Silly soup rhyming cards




Practice counting your footsteps. How many footsteps to climb the stairs? Count your footsteps from your bed to your door. How many footsteps along the length and width of your bed? Which is the longest? What do you notice about the number of footsteps? What happens to the number if you take bigger steps?


Make a bug hotel


CBeebies Mindful Garden


Silly soup rhyming cards