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Branching out!

Looking for book recommendations for children who have been hooked by a particular series or author and are ready to branch out?


At Goldenhill, we are passionate about helping readers of all ages discover new children’s books and authors they will love. Whether it’s newly independent readers who need more early chapter books after reading Isadora Moon or graphic novel fans looking for what to read after Dog Man, we know the search for new books to keep the reading-for-pleasure momentum going can sometimes be a tricky one.


These Branching Out booklists and posters are designed to help readers find their next favourite read after finishing a particular series or children’s book they love. We understand how difficult it can be to know where to start looking for a new book to read, especially after finishing a series or book that you have been deeply invested in. That’s why these posters showcase a range of books related to popular series and titles, making it easy for you to find your next read.


From books for fans of Harry Potter and more books like Tom Gates to books similar to Rainbow Magic and books for fans of the Wimpy Kid series, we’ve got you covered!