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Hello Year 1! 


I hope that you have had an amazing week, and that you have worked hard. Always remember to say a huge thank you to mums and dads and whoever helps you to learn at home during this time, and remind them that they are great! :)


You might have seen on the previous page, that I have created an area on our class page for us to share images of our achievements, our home learning, or just pictures of us having fun. It will be nice for the children to see their peers who I am sure they will be missing dearly. You can send pictures in to the office email, and I will also share the work of those children who have returned to the classroom. 


This week's activities are below, and as usual, contain phonics activities, reading comprehension tasks, maths, English, and activities for your afternoon sessions. Additionally this week, I have added a bank of resources which may be useful in the run up to Fathers Day this weekend. These are just optional, but I thought they might be helpful for those of you thinking of activities to do. 


Once again, if you would like to ask about anything I have uploaded or just want to speak to me about how your child is getting on, do not hesitate to contact the office via If you feel your child is struggling with their home learning, or requires a 1:1 call, please let the office know. I am more than happy to help as much as I can. 


Have a wonderful week, and please keep smiling. I am so proud of each and every one of you, and I miss you more every day. 


Sending hugs! 

Miss Woodward





For their Phonics lessons this week, the children will continue to progress through the Letters and Sounds lessons, This week they should do Lessons 21 to 25. As I have done previously, I have uploaded below some further phonics activities and challenges which will help them to retain their phonics knowledge and become more secure with trickier sounds.


Monday- Lesson 21 

‘ie’ as in ‘field’

Use the Letters and Sounds video (Lesson 21) on Youtube


Tuesday- Lesson 22 

‘er’ as in herb  

Use the Letters and Sounds video (Lesson 22) on Youtube


Wednesday- Lesson 23 

‘oe’ as in toe

Use the Letters and Sounds video (Lesson 23) on Youtube


Thursday- Lesson 24

‘u’ as in music

Use the Letters and Sounds video (Lesson 24) via Youtube.


Friday- Lesson 25 

'i' as in kind 

Use the Letters and Sounds video (Lesson 25) via Youtube.