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Dinosaur Planet

Stomp, crash, RRRAGH!

Watch out everyone – the dinosaurs are on the prowl!

They’re rampaging across the dusty earth, swishing their enormous tails and baring their fearsome teeth.


Let’s explore the Dinosaur Planet!

Imagine you’re a palaeontologist (that’s a scientist who studies bones and fossils). Dig deep and discover dazzling dinosaur facts. Create a dinosaur museum and invite visitors to see your awesome dinosaur artefacts. Which is your favourite dinosaur? The Tyrannosaurus, the Brachiosaurus or the Micropachycephalosaurus? Doyouthinkhesawus? Yes he did… RUN!

Dinosaur Planet Topic Web

A dinosaur discovery... On Friday, Year 1 discovered a huge egg in the school grounds, which we think might have come from a dinosaur. Miss Woodward called a dinosaur expert who told us how to best look after the egg in our classroom, we can't wait to see what happens next!

Making our own fossils... 

To begin our learning about fossils and the discoveries of Mary Anning, we had an Art lesson in which we made our own fossils from salt-dough. We had to squash, press, knead and stretch the dough before pressing different objects into the dough to create our fossils. 

Below are some pictures of us making them. 

Home learning...


We have been blown away with the amount of amazing homework that Year 1 have been bringing in every week. It has been amazing to see the levels of engagement that the children have shown, not only in the classroom, but at home too. I would like to say a huge thank you to our Year 1 parents for encouraging all of this wonderful work! 


Below are just some of the outstanding pieces. 

Roar-some home learning!

Amazing Art work! This half term, we have been learning to create our own dinosaur silhouette scenes. We began by exploring primary colours, and then worked on our blending techniques to create the backgrounds. The end results have blown me away!

Design and Technology


Our class DT project this half term has seen us creating our very own puppets. 

The children learnt about different ways of joining fabrics without sewing, including gluing, stapling and pinning. 

Then, they went on to design their own dinosaur puppet, before cutting their felt, and making the real thing. The children showed great resilience and creativity throughout the project, and they were very proud of their final pieces. 


See below for some pictures of the final results... 

Team work in Science! In Science this half term, we have been learning all about animals including humans. In this lesson, we were sorting animals into herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. We worked really well and communicated with other members of our teams, to try and sort all of the animals correctly! Team working is a huge target for the rest of our learning within Year 1, and we are getting there!