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As the primary educators of your children, we hold your opinions and views in extremely high value. Working in partnership with you, we aim to make Goldenhill Primary Academy the very best school that it can be. You are always welcome to come into school if you have any concerns or recommendations.  

Watch Me Learn Days: Summer term 2024

Parental Comments from year 6 Watch Me Learn Day- 6th June 2024

“Brilliant last Watch Me Learn Day.”


“Was very good and interesting.”


“Very interesting. Children seemed very engaged with what was going on”.


“It’s always a pleasure visiting Goldenhill Academy.  We feel involved in our children’s learning.”


“Very useful session. Thanks.”


“Engaging session that livened learning for all.”


“Watch Me Learn Day was very interesting about World War, First World War and Second World War. Showing all the children how the wars affected everyone life from food being rationed all families had ration books for butchers groceries and milk so they could make sure there was enough for everyone.”

Parental Comments from year FS2 Watch Me Learn Day- 21st May 2024


“It is evident that the children have a great relationship with the class teacher.  My Child thoroughly enjoyed the activity.  All the children helped each other which was lovely to see.”


“I found that today was very inspirational and really enjoyed this experience.”


“Excellent teacher, my child loves being in her class.”


“Very happy.”


“My child gets the support he needs and the teachers are very patient and welcoming to parents.  I enjoyed every bit.  Thank you all for all you do.”


“Watch me Learn is great to get an insight into my child’s lessons.”


“Really enjoyed the Watch Me Learn Day with my child, it was a fun activity and enjoyed working as a team.”


“Had a lovely morning making castles.  *** was really happy to be working with me on this project.  Thank you for inviting me.”


“I really enjoyed getting an insight into my child’s learning.  Activity was engaging and lots of fun.  Miss Chandler is excellent with the children lovely to see them all engaging.”


“Thoroughly enjoyed my morning with Yr3.  What a lovely class.”


“Thank you for all your good work and thank you for inviting us to spend time with ********.”


“Really enjoyed spending time with my child in school.”


“I really enjoyed the Watch me Learn morning.  The activity in particular was a lot of fun for the children as well as parents.  I would welcome the opportunity to attend another session.  Miss Chandler was wonderful.  My child adores her and has thrived this year.”


“Great activity for everyone to get involved in.”


“I really enjoyed watching and helping my granddaughter construct her castle.”



Parental Comments from year FS2 Watch Me Learn Day- 8th May 2024



“All the teachers are so good with the children to keep them very engaged throughout. All activities are run lovely and makes the day run smoothly and doesn’t let them get bored. Very impressed and happy with the teaching”.


“It was lovey to see the children doing what they do every day.  I enjoyed seeing Mrs Cookson teaching the children”.


“Absolutely brilliant insight into Reception teaching.  Wonderful teachers.  Really well-behaved class in the class.  Thank you so much”.


“What a super morning watching the pupils learning.  Staff are excellent, positive teaching you can certainly tell they enjoy their job.  Children were so engrossed in their work and play.  So well behaved children.  Well done everyone”.


“Loved the watch me learn morning.  So lovely to see the children engaging in their learning and how the carousel works.  Staff know the children really well and children show lovely friendships.  Thank you for a lovely morning”.


“My child struggles with concentrating. It’s great to see they adapt to help him learn in a way he engages, but needs more help and support”.


“Enjoyed having an insight into what my child does at school.  She is making excellent progress.  Thank you to the reception class team”.


“The teaching staff do an amazing job teaching and supporting the children.  They have a lovely year group”.


“We are extremely happy with everything at the school.  Our child loves coming to school”.

Parental Comments from year 1 Watch Me Learn Day- April 2024



“****** has really progressed this year and has built really great relationships with the Year 1 team, particularly Miss Hart. The Watch Me Learn days are a brilliant idea and a lovely way to see how much Cassidy is enjoying school”.


“Lovely morning, thank you”.


“It’s really nice to see how my child can develop in school. He is really enjoying it”.


“This was really good and very insightful”.


“Lovely Morning. Nice to see what my child gets up to”.


“Great activity, Fun to do”.

Watch Me Learn Days: Summer term 2023

Parental Comments from year 5 Watch Me Learn Day- May 2023


“Loved being in school again. Always enjoyed watch me learn days.  We had a lovely afternoon and made the most of the weather to do some planting.  It’s great that the children have been able to do that as some may not have the opportunities of these things at home.  I look forward to hearing how their plants, herbs, and vegetables grow over time.  Really happy with the teaching staff now placed in Yr 5, and I know my daughter is too. Thanks for your continued support of the best Yr5 class”.


“Was a really good afternoon. Love how the teacher really engages with the children”.


“It definitely helps that Miss Chandler is really engaging with the kids along with Mrs Heath.  The children seem to enjoy learning with her and my child is coming on so much under her and loves coming to school”.


“Lovely afternoon spent watching **** learn. Thank you”.


“Enjoyed the afternoon, thanks”.


“Amazing afternoon thank you for all you do for ****”.


“The day was full of fun and adventure”.


“Great afternoon. I enjoyed it very much, I look forward to the next watch me learn day”.


“Fun time. Liked activity based learning”.


“Was a really good day. My child really enjoyed me been in school helping do the work”.


“Had a very interesting day with my son outside learning”.

Watch Me Learn Day- Nursery parental feedback - 15th May 2023

Parental Comments from year FS1 Watch Me Learn Day- May 2023


“I had a very nice afternoon; it was lovely to watch the children enjoying themselves”.


“Thank you so much for today, we have loved it”.


“I’m really grateful for the opportunity to come to watch my child in class”.


“******* absolutely loves coming to Nursery”!  “He didn’t stop all afternoon and was thoroughly engaged in the afternoon”. 


“The staff are always so happy, approachable and welcoming on drop off and collections, this was definitely shown this afternoon too”.


“The activities were wonderful and fun”.  “I love coming into school, thanks so much”.

Watch Me Learn Day- Reception parental feedback - 22nd May 2023

Parental Comments from Reception Watch Me Learn Day- May 2023


“I am so pleased that my son can be a part of this school. I’ve seen big progress since he started school and I am so proud”.


“I am really grateful to be able to see how my child is learning at school, to see their routine and have a “behind the scenes” experience”.


“It was a good experience to see how it works inside the school”.


“Great day and to see my son’s progress from September to now is remarkable.

Fun game to play for Maths”.


“Thank you for allowing us to come in and experience a morning with them. My child really enjoyed me being here”.

Watch Me Learn Day- Year 4 parental feedback - 24th May 2023

Parental Comments from year 4 Watch Me Learn Day- May 2023



“Brilliant and very educational”.


“It was an engaging session and enjoyable for the children to take part in”.


“My child would like this to happen again”.


“This was a fantastic learning opportunity for the children, not only learning about Egypt but Science, Geography and Maths”.


“Amazing workshop. I learnt so much”!


“Very good experience”.

Watch Me Learn Day- Year 1 parental feedback - 14th June 2023

Parental Comments from year 1 Watch Me Learn Day- June 2023


“Engagement was great between teaching staff and pupils”.


“It was interesting to see how they are taught, and how much my child is learning and their development”.

Noticed a couple of children need additional support during the lesson.


“Enjoyable morning, pleasure to be with the class. Super School”!


“Wonderful teaching Miss Woodward and great help Mrs Lomas”.


Maybe to observe day without practical, more reading, writing to support learning at home.


“Really enjoyed the activity, great to see how much the children are learning, but also how happy they are”.


“Today’s theme of smoothies to teach the class about where fruit and veg comes from is a really fun and positive way to learn”.


“I really enjoyed the day”.


“Very interesting”. Children enjoyed it”.


“Really enjoyed seeing my son learning and watching them and interacting with each other”.


“Fantastic – enthusiastic teaching with lots of patience”.


“Amazing morning and loved every minute at the academy today”.


“Goldenhill seems a very happy and friendly environment”.


“Loved every minute of it, found it very interesting to watch the children and how well they do in the class room”.


“Lovely activity which we all really enjoyed”.


“It is a lovely school and all staff are fantastic”


“I like it”. It was very good”.


“I think Miss Woodward is a fantastic teacher and really enjoyed the morning. Thank you for your kindness. Fab Teachers. Fab School”.


“Brilliant experience for parents to see how their children are engaged in classroom activities that are a fun way to learn. Every child is treated/spoken to with respect and kindness. Well done Miss Woodward and team1”.

Watch me learn day parent questionaire_results_Year 2_20-6-23

Parental Comments from year 2 Watch Me Learn Day- June 2023


“It was a great experience to watch *** learn, especially when COVID stopped activities like this”.  “*** has come on so much over the past 2 years and we are so proud of her”.


“I am pleased with **** learning whilst returning back to Goldenhill, he is happy and settled, thank you Miss Pitt”.


“Miss Pitt is a great teacher, really gets involved with the children”.


“I have really enjoyed this morning- lovely opportunity, thank you”.  “*** has told me he loved being able to show what he does”!


“This session was very inclusive for all the children and I enjoyed watching the good relationship among the children and teachers”.


“Very relaxed atmosphere, all children seemed to enjoy all activities and show great respect towards teachers”.


“Enjoyed the morning, was nice to experience how my child is within school and their engagement”.


“Miss Pitt is amazing with the children”.


“Lovely morning had by all”.  “Children were very well behaved and teaching was fantastic”.


“**** loves his time in school”.


“It was good to see what the children do during lessons and how well they interact”.


“I enjoyed seeing how my child responds to instructions from the teacher”.  “The monster activity was fun”. 


“The morning was well organsied and informative”.     


“The activity was interactive, which was fun for the children”.


“Watching children complete the comprehension work was interesting and helped me understands where my child is in her learning”.

Watch me learn day parent questionaire_results_Year 3_22-6-23

Parental Comments from year 3 Watch Me Learn Day- June 2023


“Lovely interactions between teachers/TA and children”.


“Topics discussed were interesting and thought provoking”.


Suggestion: Parent hour of volunteers to sit and help children read or in guided reading.


“Really enjoyed watching how the teachers and children interact and the good relationship they all have and how they make learning enjoyable”.


“I was happy with the watch me learn day”.


“Great lessons, enjoyed the Egyptian art”.


“A great morning of activities that supported and engaged pupils”.


“A great morning, always enjoy watch me learn day”.


“Great morning joining in with children’s activities”.


“Thank you for providing the opportunity to be in the classroom with my child, it was really insightful”.


“Really enjoyed the watch me learn day, nice to see what the children are doing in class”.


“Really enjoyed and found it interesting and helpful”.

Watch Me Learn Day- Year 6 parental feedback - 30th June 2023

Parental Comments from year 6 Watch Me Learn Day- June 2023


“Great event and very special with being the last one”.  “Loved this, thank you”.


“Really enjoyed our lesson today, seeing all the war things and the sergeant talking was very enjoyable”.  “Thank you for having one”.


“Brilliant, enjoyed the visual and participation display, all the children obviously enjoyed it, it becomes memorable”.




“Interesting to see how children are taught differently to us”.


“I really enjoyed todays watch me learn, I was really satisfied with what was shown”.


“The workshop was amazing and the teacher made it more fun by involving the children”.

Parent Survey: June 2023

Parental Comments from our Parent Survey-June 2023


“Happy with the help you get love the staff”.


“I think this school is fantastic and the teachers in nursery have such a wonderful relationship with the children. I can't stop singing their praises enough. My daughter has come on absolute wonders and she keeps amazing me more”!


“Really good school”!


“Really happy with the school. All staff are brilliant - friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. Particular praise for Mrs Cookson who is excellent in her commitment to sorting any issues out”.


“Fantastic school. Well led, with a great staff. We are really pleased with the learning that our child receives”.


“All teachers and staffs are support to my children. My children are happy . Thank you so so much” .


“I want to thank all staff that support the pupils in Y1, especially as this support is helping my child progress and working towards his goals, and building confidence. I don't know if he has SEN, I know this is being looked into, and has the support he needs. I know in Y1 there are some challenging pupils, thank you for your and perseverance, it means a lot to my child, and to us”.


“This school is good”.


“I could not be happier for my child to be at Goldenhill, the staff are incredible and the school is just the loveliest nurturing environment. As a parent I feel confident that she will be well looked after, taught well, and that I am free to approach the school if there are any concerns on my part. A really really exceptional place and we feel lucky to have a place there. Thank you for all that you do through the year”.

Parent Survey- May 2022

Parental Comments from our Parent Survey- May 2022


"Amazing school, well led with supportive, caring and high quality teachers and staff."


"My son is happy to go to school and is still happy at the end of the day."


"My child is immensely happy and thrives at Goldenhill. The staff are amazing and I have nothing but praise for the school. Well led and great parent involvement."


"Brilliant school, pupils and staff."


"Staff are approachable, with high expectations and form good relationships with pupils and their families. They support pupils academically and also in their wellbeing looking to provide an well rounded education."


"I have no concerns over my child and if any concerns were to arise the school communicate well and any issues I trust to be sorted."


"Super happy my child attends here."


"I think you are all doing a brilliant job especially with how the current worldwide situations are."


"I have always been happy with the care and education our daughter receives at school."


"******* has settled in really well in nursery. I didn't expect her go be doing so well with homework already but she really enjoys it. She comes home and tells us all about things she learns at school."


"As a parent I have complete and utter faith in the school's care of my daughter, and that she will be safe and happy at her school. She looks forward to going, and enjoys herself while she's there, and this is testament to the entire staff. I could not be happier to send her to your school and would like to thank everyone there for their care of her."


Actions from parental survey:

Question 2 and 3

A letter will be sent home with an overview of what will be taught during RSE for every year group. Within this it will include the RSE curriculum, the overview of our learning and the reasoning behind it.


Question 5

A parent/guardian leaflet will be sent home on how to answer difficult questions from children with regards to PSHE and RSE to help support parents within this area. 


Questions 6-8

A separate survey for parents with pupils in Years 5 and 6 will be sent out with regards to the statutory RSE coverage and if we were to include conception to birth in our RSE.

Year 1 Home Learning Parent Feedback Survey