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Come and meet the staff at our school.

Support Staff

Administrative staff

Premises Staff

Lunch time Supervisors

Care Club Staff

Roles and Responsibilities. 





Head Teacher

Mr Steven Martin

Pupil Progress and achievement

Child Protection Officer 

 Curriculum team

Whole school improvement

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Sarah Howson




Assistant Head Teacher

Mr Andrew Bagley

Key Stage 2 Leader

Assessment Leader including Intervention/catch up

Education visits co-ordinator

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Behaviour and Welfare Leader 


Mrs Gail Williams (0.8)

RE Leader

 Business and Community Link Leader

Eco-Council leader

CPD Leader

Ms. Jay Clarke (0.2)

PE team member


Mrs Sara Cookson


Early Years Leader

Pupil Premium Leader

Phonics Leader

Lead Teacher Educator

NQT/RQT mentor

Year 1


Miss. Tiffany Woodward


P4C Leader

Pupil voice/Academy council leader

Year 2

Miss. Emma Pitt 

Key Stage 1 Leader

Curriculum leader (including Humanities)

Personal Development Leader

Extended Curriculum Leader

Year 3

Miss Lucy Lea-Smith (0.8)


Mrs Sarah Howson (0.2)

Sports Leader

MFL leader

 Science Leader


Year 4

Miss Victoria Belfield

English Leader

Music Leader

Forest school leader

Year 5

Miss Amy Carter


Maths Leader

Computing Leader

Staff wellbeing (in co-ordination with the Head Teacher)

Year 6

Mr Andrew Bagley

See above

Year 6


Mrs Lisa Keay (0.6)

Curriculum Leader

Art Leader

DT Leader