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Hi Everyone, 


I hope you are remaining safe and positive. I also hope that you are are enjoying engaging with the home learning activities that you are being set. Please remember that I would always rather upload more than enough, than not enough for you to do, so please do not worry if you do not get through everything throughout the week. I would always rather give a range of activities so that the children can have some choice- because they all love different things. 


This week's home learning activities are below, and as usual, there are a range of tasks including maths, English, reading, phonics and topic/science for your afternoon sessions. Remember to keep as active as possible. Get outside for (socially-distanced) exercise if you can, enjoy Joe Wicks PE sessions, or just do a dance around your living room! :)


Please remember to keep reading as much as possible. This week, I have discovered some more GREAT reading resources which are online. I have listed these below for you to take a look at :) 


A collection of great stories read aloud online by famous faces!


Lots of fun activities based on the books of David Walliams


Author, Oliver Jeffers, is reading a book a day live on his Instagram account. You can view the videos here.


I really hope you are all coping well in these tough times. We should all be so proud of the ways that we have adapted and I really hope that the children are continuing to work hard at home. I miss them all incredibly and I cannot wait to reunite with them all when we can. 


Warm thoughts and wishes, 

Miss Woodward 



Phonics again for this week will follow the Letters and Sounds Youtube Videos. This week the children should do lessons 6 to 10.  


Monday (Lesson 6)-

Tuesday (Lesson 7)-


Wednesday (Lesson 8)-


Thursday (Lesson 9)-


Friday (Lesson 10)-


Again, if they find difficulty with any of the phonemes being taught, try not to worry- you can always come back to it at another point in the day if they struggle. If it is the blending of sounds that your child seems to be struggling with, the channel have a whole section on videos titled 'Learning to blend' and these may prove useful. Remember that you can always contact me via the Office email if you struggle with ANYTHING that has been set or have any questions! :)