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Movers and Shakers

Movers and Shakers


This project teaches children about historically significant people who have had a major impact on the world. They will learn to use timelines, stories and historical sources to find out about the people featured and use historical models to explore their significance.


We will be looking at the greatest explorers and comparing the greatest changes within exploration from the past to the present day and the impact the Armstrong and Columbus have had.


We will be exploring activists from the past and present day to include Rosa Parks, Emmeline Pankhurst and Malala. 


Throughout this unit we will be using the Dawsons Model throughout to look at the impact (positive or negative) these signifciant people have had and the significance they have had on our lives today. 


We will end the unit looking at what we would like to become when we are older and what changes we would like to make on the world. Little People, Big Dreams is a great collection of books that we will also be exploring throughout this unit of work

Have a look to see what we will be learning in Year 2