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Bright Lights Big City

When learning about the Bright Lights in the Big City...


The children will use maps and research to locate Buckingham Palace, understand compass directions, plan routes around London and learn about the countries of the United Kingdom. Our research will take us back in time to the Great Fire of London and to famous London landmarks, as well as giving us an understanding of what it’s like to live in a big city. We’ll take a virtual trip to London Zoo and make souvenirs for tourists. At the end of our project, we’ll share our skills and knowledge with you.


To help your child prepare for this unit, why not visit a local city to spot interesting vehicles, buildings and landmarks? Alternatively, you could search the web for images, information and film clips about London and keep a scrapbook of your findings. You could also visit the local library to see if you can find some colourful books of nursery rhymes and traditional songs to enjoy together. 

What will we be learning about?

Wheels and Axles- DT Project

Trip to Ford Green Hall

Computing work in History. We used QR codes to find definitions of some new vocabulary for us, such as 'cobbles' and 'shelter'. We had lots of fun!

A Tea Party fit for the Queen!