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Memory Box

In this unit, children will be exploring their own memories and will learn about their family and younger children. They will be exploring the differences in toys that they use now and toys that were used in the past. They will also learn about the school and the local area. 

For our WOW starter the children made their own memory boxes with the help of their families. They were amazing!

The children shared their precious objects and memories with the rest of the class.

We used different Art materials to draw our own special toys and examined toys from the past and present.

We also looked at old and new modes of transport.

For our EXIT point we researched, designed and made our own sandwiches. The children were very independent and especially enjoyed eating them during our class indoor picnic.


We all created our own memory boxes and shared them with the rest of the class.

We researched, designed and made our own sandwiches as part of D.T. in our 'Memory Box' topic for a picnic.