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Welcome to Receptions's Home Learning Page! (School Closure)


During the time the Academy is closed, this page will be updated weekly with a home learning timetable and activities. 



Tier 2 - if self isolating

Tier 2 - if self isolating

Tier 2 - if self isolating

Tier 2 - if self isolating

Tier 2 - if self isolating

This week is Space Week on Cbeebies and Maddie Moate has filmed from The National Space Centre. Maddie Moate explores the planets in the Solar System, astronauts, rockets and robots.

Rockets - Mon 18th Jan 4.50pm

Solar System - Tues 19th Jan 4.50pm

International Space Station - Wed 20th Jan 4.50pm

Space Robots - Thurs 21st Jan 4.50pm

Astronaut training - Fir 21st Jan 4.50pm

All episodes will be available on i player afterwards

Home Learning Timetable Week 2

Timetable of lessons Week 1

Useful Websites           Very good for e books and much more             it costs to subscribe to this and maths seeds below but very good                         you can get some of these on you tube too I think


Google search Joe Wicks kids and it’ll take you to loads of workouts on you tube – the children love these


Google search dough disco for fun finger workout with playdoh