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We have had a brilliant day in Nursery. Twenty one parents joined us for our watch me learn day and we all had such a good time. We have made musical instruments from junk modelling and used them to accompany our singing, as well as playing and learning inside and outside. Thank you so much to everyone who came for making it a wonderful day.

Some quotes from the day.......


"A wonderful afternoon spent with Nursery children watching them play and have fun,"


"I have had a great time watching my child today. He responds great to the fantastic teachers in Nursery who make every day a fun learning time for him. Thank you."


"I have had a great afternoon, its so nice to see my daughter in her school environment and to see how she interacts and responds to others. I really enjoyed the massage. Its great to see how fun her class is and how good the teachers are. I think watch me learn is a great idea."


"It was a really fun day, I especially liked making the musical instruments."


"I really enjoyed spending time with my daughter and to be able to see how she mixes with the other children."


"I really enjoyed mummy and son time."


"I have had a great day, I really enjoyed every minute. Dinner was lovely.... I wouldn't change anything. I love all the teachers and school is amazing."


"We had a lovely dinner together and played games in the playground and also made musical instruments, a lovely fun day."


"I have really enjoyed today watching my daughter and all of the other children play and learn. Well done to all the teachers you all do an amazing job."


"I have had a lovely afternoon. My child has been able to show me lots of the things she loves to do at school."


"It was really nice to see everything that happens in class. I really enjoyed it."


"What a wonderful idea! It was lovely to be able to come into school with my daughter and see what she does in class. The room is so bright and busy with lots of children's work and learning opportunities. The outdoor area is lovely and they have lots of physical things to do. Its clear to see all the children love their teachers and friends. What a lovely environment to learn in. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon watching and playing with my child both inside and outside. Thank you  for welcoming us all into your classroom. My child loves school and her teachers and it is clear to see why. She has come on so much with you all. I would love to do this again in Reception! Thank you all again."


"I had a lovely time in Nursery. Thank you>"