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Starry Night, Sparkle and Shine

Starry Night, Sparkle and Shine


This project explores the differences in the world at night compared to during the day. It teacher children the importnace of a good night's sleep, and helps them to discover what is happening in the world while they are sleeping, including finding out about nocturnal animals.

We will also learn about the celebrations that take place during the Autumn and Winter seasons and will focus on the significance and symbolism of light at this time of the year.

What a very busy and interesting term. The children have loved our topic, especially learning about Space and nocturnal animals. We have found out about the different planets and the sun, moon and stars. We really enjoyed finding out about Neil Armstrong. We told our friends all we had learned about him in our fact files. We know how important it is to get a good night sleep and we have been learning about our bedtime routines. We know to brush our teeth every night before we go to bed and again in the morning when we wake up. Nocturnal animals are animals that come out at night. We learned all about what makes them adapted to the night time and how they hunt for food. We have thought about our dreams and made a whole class dream collage based on the art work 'I and the Village' by Marc Chagall. 

The Nativity performance has been a big part of our term and we enjoyed performing for parents on the stage. We hope you enjoyed it. We loved learning the songs. We have also been learning about different celebrations such as Bonfire Night, Diwali, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Please look at our photos showing the amazing work we have done. Thank you.