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Starry Night, Sparkle and Shine

In this exciting topic we will look at the difference between night and day, people who work at night and nocturnal animals. We will also be learning about the Solar System and characteristics of the different planets. We will write our own non fiction space books and learn about what it is like to be an astronaut. We will learn about Neil Armstrong, a significant person from History and why he was famous. It proves to be a very exciting topic.

We have really enjoyed this topic. A highlight was when Mr Chips, a rescue hedgehog came to visit us. He was very friendly and didn't mind being in the classroom at all. We have also been lucky enough to have a visit from Keele University students to talk to us about keeping our teeth healthy and from an astronomer to talk all about space. We have loved learning all about Space. We have sung lots of space songs and written our own non fiction books. We have also learned about people who work at night to keep us safe, to deliver our parcels, to make our food and to keep the shops full. It has been a great topic - we hope you like looking through our pictures.