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At Goldenhill Primary we develop the ‘whole child’; strongly focusing on holistic education. The introduction of ‘Forest School’ teaching is another dimension to this. The aim of Forest schools is to develop:




Intrinsic motivation.


Good social communication skills.


A positive mental attitude,

self-esteem and confidence.


Experiences are all formulated so they are within the capabilities of every person within the group (small achievable tasks). Teamwork skills are developed through problem solving, exploring, discovering and developing threads and journeys throughout the day. Individual skills and a sense of self-worth, self-image and self-concept (self-esteem) are heightened throughout the programme. Activities include such things as hide & seek, shelter building, tool skills, lighting fires or environmental art; the list is endless. Each experience develops intra and inter-personal skills as well as practical and intellectual skills. At the end of the session, children will carry out a final reflection upon what they have learnt, or realised, or understood about themselves or others during the opportunities explored.


Each class will follow a 1 term programme at some point throughout a 2 year rolling programme. You will be informed prior to the programme when your child’s class is due to start.

Forest schools is taught to all classes from Yr1-Yr6, 3 classes per year. Each class is split into 2 group, with a maximum of 15 pupils per group and will engage in a session, lasting an 1 ½ hours per week, for a period of 1 term per class.

Forest School timetable 2022-2023


Year 4Year 5Year 6
Spring 2023Autumn 2022Summer 2023


Year 5 Forest School

Wildplay Club (Staffordshire Wildlife Trust) - May - July 2019