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Kapow Design and Technology Summer Term

Kapow Design and Technology Summer Term

Kapow Design and Technology: Electrical Systems - Torches

Year 4 investigated electrical components and looked at conductors and insulators. They then created their own working circuits and made switches with cardboard, split pins and paper clips. Later, they researched existing torches and labelled the different parts. They designed their own torches, assembled them and evaluated the end results. 

Kapow Design and Technology: Mechanical Systems - Slingshot Cars

Year 4 researched  racing car designs and discussed aerodynamics. They then assembled a chassis, axles with working wheels and a launching mechanism in small groups. Year 4 designed their own racing car bodies, produced them in paper form and decorated the exteriors. They attached these to their chassis and attached their launchers. Later, they raced their slingshot cars  and evaluated the end results. 

Year 4 Slingshot Car Race

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