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Challenge Grid week commencing 01-06-20


Hope that you have all had a wonderful break over half term. The weather been amazing!

It's hard to believe that this will be our last half term as Nursery Class. We live in such difficult times and the brilliant Nursery families at Goldenhill have truly risen to the challenge. You are amazing.  

Whilst some of the children in Nursery have returned to school this week, the majority will remain at home. I will continue to plan for both sets of children. The website will continue to be updated weekly for as long as it is needed. There are new Learning Book posts, including some very silly sock bubble blowing for you to check out! Please continue adding to the Learning Book it means so much to see the children and the fantastic learning they have been doing at home. We miss you all terribly.

Stay safe, take care and keep smiling x




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P4C –Would you rather be able to fly like a bird or swim underwater like a fish? Why?


The activities below are only suggestions. Children love to play anytime, anywhere and with almost anything! As they play they are learning about the world around them and practicing important skills. Learning needs to be fun for you and your child, don't add to your stress by worrying about completing these activities. 




Draw a picture of a pet. Colour it in


Pet pictures to colour



Watch Some Dogs Do by Jez Alborough



Think of animals and things that can fly. Make a list.


What could you use/do to find out more things that fly and add to your list?


Frozen Banana Lollies


Remember before you cook you must


Wash your hands to keep the germs away



Learn the song Horsie Horsie don’t you stop



Play these listening games





Sing the phase 2 Jolly Phonics Songs


Sing phase 3 Jolly Phonics songs


Recognise phase 2 tricky words



Practice writing the curly caterpillar letters c, o, a, d, g, q,


They all start at the top and go around to the left. What will you choose to write in this week –  soap bubbles?


Write your name. 




Watch Alphablocks dot


Can you sound out the letters you need to write pop, cod, cot, pot, cop, dot

Sounds of the week “x”  -






x (tune: Skip to my Lou)


/ks/-/ks/! Take an x-ray

/ks/-/ks/! Take an x-ray

/ks/-/ks/! Take an x-ray

x-ray of my hand


Action: Pretend to take an x-ray with an x-ray camera, saying ks, ks, ks.



Phonics games


Meet the alphablock x


The x sound




Numberblocks – Who has more?


Numberblocks – Just add one     



Kim’s game

Make a collection of items, cover with a cloth. Remove an item, what’s missing?


Think of words starting with




Play eye spy.

Draw or collect things in a basket that start with “p”


p (tune: the wheels on the bus)


Puff out the candles on the pink pig cake,



Puff out the candles on the pink pig cake,

Puff, Puff, Puff


Action:  Hold up a finger as if it is a candle and pretend to puff it out saying p,p,p,p


Set one sounds


Meet the alphablock p

Use a brush and a bucket of water to paint the fence or the floor outside.

Measuring with a stick. Find things that are longer and shorter than your stick. Can you find anything that is the same length?