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Land Ahoy!

In this unit we will be learning all about pirates! We will be learning about different pirates and putting them in chronological order as well as discovering more information about pirates from across the world. During Geography the children will be helping Captain Cook navigate across the globe whilst identifying the human and physical features on a map. In Art we will be completing observational drawings of boats and focussing on the finer details. The children will even take part in their own treasure hunt, to try and find the stolen treasure from Year 2!

When we came into class this morning we found a letter. It was from Captain Longbeard! He had left us clues around the school to help us find the buried treasure. We had such a good time and hope that Captain Longbeard comes to Goldenhill again.

We've not only been busy at school, we've been busy at home too! Look at our super pieces of homework. We have made masks, wanted posters and pirate ships!

In class we have been learning about Grace Darling and the reason she is significant. As part of our Art we looked at lighthouses (where Darling lived) and looked at creating our own.

In English we have been looking at Peter Pan. As part of our cross curricular writing we acted out the pirate scene between Peter Pan and Captain Hook.