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Challenge Grid week commencing 15-06-20


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Please don’t blame us, the moment we need the sun for our topic on shadows it disappears! Hope you have all had a good week.

We really do love seeing your pictures on the Learning Journey, please keep them coming.

Thank you all so much and stay safe.



P4C –Would you rather be able to talk to land animals, animals that fly or animals that live under the water? Why?



Listen to Kipper’s monster



Kipper the dog – Tiger’s torch



Draw a picture of a monster and colour it in.





What is day and night?



What are the differences of day time and night time.


Draw and label a picture of what you might see in the day or what you would see at night.




Make a tent and read a book, using torch light, just like Kipper and Tiger.


Help to make disco pops




Wash your hands to keep the germs away


Think of words starting with




Draw or collect things in a basket that start with “a”


Letters and sounds lesson 1 – blending with “a”






Rhyming Families- Lay out pictures of rhyming pairs faces down in front of you. Take it in turns to turn over a pair of cards. If they rhyme keep them, if they don’t place them back in the same place face down. Try and remember where returned cards are placed to help with subsequent turns. Remember to chant out each matching pair, over emphasising the rhyme.



Rhyming pictures




Watch Alphablocks din


Can you sound out the letters you need to write sat, pat, pad, pan, pin, tap, din

Sounds of the week “sh”  -








sh (tune: Oh where oh where has my little dog gone)


Hush, Hush, Hush,

Don’t make a sound,

Be as quiet as you can be,

The baby’s asleep and I’m tired out




Action: Place your index finger over your lips and say sh,sh,sh


Please help your child by playing eye-spy with these sounds to help them hear the sound at the start of a word.


Phonics games


Letters and sounds phonics games


The sh sound


sh game


Sing the phase 2 Jolly Phonics Songs


Sing phase 3 Jolly Phonics songs


Phase 2 tricky words


Phase 3 tricky words


Can you recognise the letters?



Practice writing the curly caterpillar letters c, o, a, d, g, q,


They all start at the top and go around to the left. What will you choose to write in this week –  foam?





Numberblocks – Odds and evens


Numberblocks – Flufflies


Numberblocks – the two tree


Numberblocks – Numberblock castle


Numberblocks –Ten green bottles




Learn the song The Wheels on the bus


Make a cardboard box bus.


Listen to the sounds and count


Count out 6 claps


Count out 10 jumps


Pat your head 4 times

What is your favourite bedtime story?

Can you retell part of it?


Can you find a new favourite? Try CBeebies bedtime stories

Use your hands to make shadow puppets