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Challenge Grid week commencing 29-06-20


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Here's to another week! We love seeing your pictures on the Learning Journey, please keep them coming. It has been such a long time since we have all been together. We miss you all so much. Hopefully it really will not be long before we are back to "normal".  Thank you to all of you who sent a photo in for the “Photo’s of our home learning” section of our website. If you have a photo you would like to add, please email it to the office. 

Nursery children are a brilliant class with such fantastic families, keep smiling, keep positive. A huge well done to all of you.

Thank you all so much.


P4C –Would you rather live in a cave or live in a tree house? Why?




Listen to Oliver Jeffers read his book How to catch a star



Draw an color in a star


Star images





Watch the story


The Worrysaurus


Make your own “Happy Tin”







Phase 2 tricky words


Phase 3 tricky words


Can you recognise the letters?



Practice writing the curly caterpillar letters c, o, a, d, g, q,


They all start at the top and go around to the left. What will you choose to write in this week –  foam?


Think of words starting with




Play eye spy.

Draw or collect things in a basket that start with “n”


Meet alphablock n









Watch Alphablocks hen


Can you sounds out the letters you need to write hen, hop, hum,  men, hug,

Sounds of the week “ar”  -




 (tune: campdown races)

Open wide the doctor said /ar/, /ar/,

Let me look at your sore throat,

Please say /ar/


Action: Open your mouth wide and say /ar/


Phonics games


Letters and sounds phonics games


The ar sound




Make a picture of a starry night.

There is a picture of a starry night by a famous artist, Vincent Van Gogh, below. I really like this painting. Do you?

Why do you like it/ not like it?





Numberblocks – now we are six to ten


Numberblocks – number blobs


Numberblocks – Building blocks


Numberblocks  -



Numberblocks –Hiccups


Numberblocks – What’s the difference



Sing twinkle twinkle little star

and accompany your singing with a musical instrument. Can you keep in time?

Create your own obstacle course – either inside or outside. You could use cushions, chairs, blankets, pillows, duvets. Can you move around, over, under, between etc. in different ways?

Go on a shape hunt (2D) for circles, squares, rectangles, triangles etc. Find as many objects as you can. Make marks on a piece of paper or write the number to represent how many of each you found.

The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh