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Challenge Grid week commencing 6-7-20


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P4C –Would you rather have to dance every time you heard music or, sing along to every song you heard? Why?




Listen to Night Monkey, Day Monkey



Draw a picture of the day and one if the night.

What clues are in your picture to show if it is day or night.




Day and night


Can you explain why it is light in the day and dark at night?



Phase 2 tricky words


Phase 3 tricky words


Practice writing the one armed robot letters r, b, n, h, m, k, p


They all start at the top and come down. What will you choose to write in this week – rice?






Think of words starting with







Meet alphablock i


Meet alphablock m


Letters and sounds lesson 6  - blending with “i”




Rhyming Bingo- Create a set of rhyming pairs using objects or pictures of everyday items. Lay out one half of each rhyming pair, face up in front of you and then place the other matching rhyme in a bag. Take turns to draw out an object/picture from the bag. Can they find its rhyming partner from? As each rhyming pair is completed chant the rhyming names together over emphasising the rhyming pattern. Extend by using three or four items that belong to the same rhyming family rather than just two rhyming words.


Rhyming bingo



Help make a salad.

What will you put in it?


Remember before you cook you must


Wash your hands to keep the germs away


Watch Alphablocks up


Can you sounds out the letters you need to write up, cup, pup, pop, sum, mug, mud,

Sounds of the week “ee” “or” -








ee or

 (tune: twinkle, twinkle little star)


See the donkey in its stall



Is its call


Action: Put  your hands  on your head and flap them up and down like the ears of a donkey saying Eeyore, eeyore


Phonics games


Letters and sounds phonics games


The ee sound


The or sound



Make a picture or a model of a monkey



Numberblocks – Numberblock rally


Numberblocks – Five and friends


Numberblocks  -

Octoblock to the rescue


Numberblocks – ten again


Numberblocks – Flatland


Numberblocks – Pattern palace



Learn the song five little monkeys

Listen to the sounds and count


Count out 10  claps


Count out 15 jumps


Pat your head once



What is your favourite bedtime story?

Can you retell part of it?


Can you find a new favourite story