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Do Cows drink milk? Why do ladybirds have spots?


Do cows drink milk or give us milk? What are baby pigs called?Where does our food come from? What animals live on farms? We will be looking at minibeasts on our local area, animals that hatch from eggs and life cycles of butterflies and frogs. This exciting topic will give us a good overview of life in the farm and life in our back gardens.



Communication and Language Listening and Attention, Understanding, Speaking
Physical Development Moving and Handling

Personal Social and Emotional Development

Self Confidence and Self Awareness, Managing feelings and Behaviour, Managing Relationships
Literacy Reading, Writing
Mathematical Development Number, Shape, Space and Measure
Understanding the World The World, Technology
Expressive Arts and Design Exploring and Using Media and Materials, Being Imaginative



This has been a fun topic, exploring life in a farm and minibeasts. We have learned about the animals which live on farms and the names of their babies. We have built models of farm animals using different boxes, thinking about how to attach the legs, head and tail. We have learned about food that the farmers grow for us. We enjoyed searching for minibeasts outside, looking under rocks, and flower pots. Lots of creepy crawlies! We have learned about which animals hatch from eggs and how caterpillars change into butterflies and tadpoles into frogs.

We have done some super writing and we are becoming more independent all the time. We have enjoyed exploring number bonds to 10, pattern and 3D shapes.