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Foundation Stage 2

We had a lovely time welcoming our parents to watch us learn in the Reception class. Parents will have seen 2 very different sessions, depending on whether they came to the morning or afternoon session.

In the morning session we had a structured morning learning about how to find different possibilities of ice cream flavours and how to solve problems. Unfortunately we didn't get to taste any real ice cream! We also had the chance to read with our parents - so invaluable - and make a potion for Meg using weird and wonderful ingredients. We also tested out our lego skills building dinosaurs and designing a dino board game. It was great fun!

In the afternoon session, after a taught session on predators and prey, we got to show our mummies and daddies the choices we have to learn through play. We could build dens, make water and car shutes, problem solving as we went. We used the writing shed to make treasure maps and dug in the garden. Many wonderful dishes were served up in the mud kitchen. We made wonderful dinosaur collages, played wildlife games and challenged ourselves to solve maths word problems. We used our small world animals to sort and play with predator and prey.

Thank you so much to all who came. We really hope you enjoyed learning with your child. It means so much to them to have you there.

'Really enjoyed coming to watch me learn day, was a great opportunity to watch my child learn, interact with both each other and the teacher. Both loved our afternoon together.'

'Very good to come in and see my child in class with her friends.'

'Lovely time. Hope we can have more of these.'

'Thank you for giving us the opportunity to come and see our children in their learning environment. It was interesting to see what they do on a normal day of school and get involved.'

'Fun but great ways to learn.'

'really enjoyed the watch me learn. Interesting to see how you teach the children and ways we can help at home too.'

'The school and teaching staff are excellent - always seems to be warm, close and caring atmosphere. My daughter is really happy.'

'The Academy seems a nice and fun atmosphere to learn in, making learning fun for everyone.'