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Have a fantastic summer break. The children have worked brilliantly and I  am so proud of them and how well they have adapted to these very strange times!  I have missed them all so much and am really sad that we have missed so much of the school year together – they are a very special group of children. Thank you all so much for all your support. I know it’s not always been easy – who’d have thought, last September, that this would have happened.

Thank you for being such an amazing class.

Take care

Mrs Williams




Challenge Grid week commencing 13-7-20


Please remember you can email me with any questions –



P4C –Would you rather live somewhere in the snow or live somewhere in the sun? Why?



Oliver Jeffers Lost and Found


The boy helps the penguin in the story. Can you think of something you can do to help someone?



Draw a penguin.


How to draw a penguin



Make a food shopping list.  Use  paper, felt pens, old magazines, junk mail, scissors, glue.

What do you need?  You could use pictures from magazines, junk mail or make a list.

Can you use scissors and glue to complete your list?  Which foods are ‘healthy’ and which are a ‘treat’ or foods we have ‘sometimes’.




Phase 2 tricky words


Phase 3 tricky words


Practice writing the one armed robot letters r, b, n, h, m, k, p


They all start at the top and come down. What will you choose to write in this week – mud?





Think of words starting with







Meet alphablock c


Meet alphablock k


Meet alphablock e


 Letters and sounds lesson 3 – blending with “e”


Letters and sounds lesson 15  - blending with “ck”





Emperor penguins


Watch Alphablocks bop


Can you sounds out the letters you need to write bad, bug, bus, bin, bop,

Sounds of the week “qu”  -






(tune:the wheels on the bus)


The ducks on the pond quack




The ducks on the pond quack


All around the pond


Action: Make a ducks beak with your hands and say qu


Phonics games


The qu sound


Meet the alphablock q


Move like a penguin. Can you move like different animals?

Which is your favourite?




Numberblocks – The legend of big tum


Numberblocks  -  Mirror mirror


Numberblocks –the wrong number


Numberblocks – eleven


Numberblocks – twelve


Numberblocks – the way of the rectangle


Numberblocks  -

Ride the rays

Learn the song You’ve got a friend in me



Learn the song There’s a hole in the bottom of the sea

Find out about the South Pole. What is the weather like?

What animals live there?

Is the South Pole close to where we live?

How would we get there?

Junk modelling challenge – build a boat for one of your toys. Make sure it is big enough for it to fit in. Will your boat float or sink?