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Welcome to the Reception Class

Mrs Cookson, Mrs Proffitt, Mrs Russell


Welcome to the wonderful world of the Reception class. Through a mixture of child led and adult led learning activities your child will grow and flourish throughout the year in order to be bursting with readiness for the demands of Year One. They will begin to develop fantastic social skills and grow in confidence and self assurance as they play and learn alongside their peers. They will develop their communication skills and begin to use these skillfully in their play and in their conversations. They will learn to listen carefully and respond appropriately to others. They will learn about how to be safe and healthy and begin to practice many of these skills for themselves in the choices they make. Reading, writing and maths play a very important part this year. There is a real love of books and reading throughout the class and children become very enthusiastic readers. The children have many wonderful opportunities to learn and find out about the amazing world they live in, the people, plants and creatures and how things have changed over time. They have numerous opportunities to be creative and artistic and to demonstrate their amazing imaginations.

The classroom is filled with a happy excited buzz each day. Children love playing and learning and taking part in varied, stimulating activities. It is a very happy place to be.

Team work is key. The children work and cooperate together, staff and children work hard together and we hugely value the parental support we recieve - you are your child's biggest educator and by working together we can aim for the stars! 

'Meet the Teacher' presentation