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What happens when I fall asleep?

What happens when I fall asleep?


Why are there stars in the sky? Does everyone go to bed the same time as me? Who goes to work when I'm asleep? Which animals come out at night? Why is it important for me to sleep and rest?


These questions and more will be explored this term in our night time topic.


During this topic your child will be introduced to the wonders of the Universe. They will learn about the planets and the stars and use binoculars and telescopes. They will learn about bedtime routines, sing lullabies and read and write bedtime stories. We will be learning about animals that come out at night and people who have to work throughout the night.

To complete the topic children will make their own constellations using tea lights.


It should be a sparkling and awe inspiring topic which I am sure the children will really enjoy.