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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Miss Lea-Smith and Miss Munn


Well, here we are, starting our new school journey through Key Stage Two! In Year 3 we strive to inspire our pupils to start to become more independent learners and confident young people. They will be encouraged to develop a set of skills that will enable them to access their learning in a variety of ways. This will foster the development of resilience and perseverance in their work. During Year Three, we will explore, discover and experience new things, enjoy our learning and work hard together to create a positive and helpful learning environment.


During the year we will be studying a variety of great topics, producing exciting and impressive work and visiting interesting places. Please see the long term plan below for more details of our exciting work this year.

Year 3 long term plan 2018-19

Times Table Rock Stars Battle scores...


Boys 0    Girls 3


Correct answer scores


Week one: Boys 12936  Girls 13458


Week two: Boys 3296   Girls  4003 


Week three: Boys 9809  Girls 12418