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Do you want to be friends?Why do squirrels hide their nuts?

What a fantastic half term!

We have had a brilliant start to the school year in the Reception class. We welcomed five new friends to our class and have learned how to be a good friend, how to share and work together. We learned about people who help us at school, home and in the wider world. We especially liked dressing up as police officers, firefighters, doctors and nurses. We made some fantastic salt dough love hearts to complete this topic for special people in our lives.

We then moved on to learning all about Autumn in our 'Why do Squirrels hide their nuts?' topic. We went on an Autumn walk and collected leaves, conkers, acorns and nuts. We have learned all about the changes that happen in Autumn time and have have read some brilliant Autumn stories, often about squirrels chasing each other to get the acorns! We learned about hibernation and migration and have investigated which foods are best for squirrels to store to last them through the winter. Yuk! We watched lots of foods going moldy and we finally decided that conkers, acorns, seeds and nuts would be best as they didn't rot. We have thought carefully about the birds and squirrels and have made 'squirrel muffins' to put in our outdoor areas. 

We have had two visitors to the class this half term. Mr Scott from the library visited us to read us stories and gift us all with a book. It was lovely for some mums and dads to join us for this. We also welcomed the 'Teddy Bear's Hospital' from Keele University. They taught us all about how to be healthy and what to do in an emergency. We learned about keeping clean and about different disabilities. We enjoyed dressing up....and so did our teddies!