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Team days Archive 2016-2017

Welcome to the Goldenhill Teams!


Red Team

Yellow Team

Blue Team

Green Team

Mrs Howson

Mr. Hammersley

Mrs. Cooper

Mrs, Burke

Miss. Brereton

Mr. Bagley

Miss Belfield

Miss Munn

Mrs Bailey

Mrs Keay

Miss Carter

Miss Johnson

Mrs Lomas

Mrs Hardie

Mrs. Swallow

Mrs. Smith

Miss. Smith

Mrs Davis

Mrs. Meacham


Why do we have teams?


Our teams give the children the opportunity to work together with others, from all different year groups to achieve a common goal. We feel very strongly that working as part of a team is not simply a skill needed at school, it is a vital skill used in all areas of life. School is an excellent time to cultivate the teamwork ethos the children will then draw on throughout their life.  


Teamwork requires the children to work cooperatively with others towards a shared purpose. For a team to work together effectively, it takes all members of the team to respect each other’s abilities and opinions. Teamwork is a highly social activity and involves much interaction and exchanging of ideas and actions. Being part of a team enables the children to move from more intrapersonal (individual) ways of thinking to interpersonal (communicating with others). It will help the children in all areas of their learning, and help them to feel part of a community too.


Working as part of a team will strengthen the children's social and emotional skills, help develop their communication skills, and can improve confidence.