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Week Beginning 01.06.2020

Hi to the BEST class ever!!!


I hope you all had a fabulous half term and enjoyed the sunshine! I hope you are all still staying safe and still staying positive :) 


Some good news before we get started...Miss Myatt has had her baby!!!!! She had a baby boy called Grayson (I know a certain someone in our class will be impressed with Miss Myatt's choice of name). Both Miss Myatt and Grayson are healthy, happy and safe and they're both enjoying plenty of cuddles at home. I'm sure we all wish Miss Myatt the biggest congratulations :) 


Another week has passed and I hope the glorious weather continues. I've heard some of you have been doing lots of reading, especially David Walliams books. Good job guys! I have missed reading these books to you! Remember, as always, to continue using the internet for extra resources and learning. Great resources to stretch those brilliant brains you have: Oak National Academy, Twinkl, White Rose Hub for Maths, Top Marks for educational games, Super Movers for educational workouts and of course our class favourite Joe Wicks! 


I am obviously still missing you all and I am sending you all the biggest virtual hug. Continue to stay motivated, resilient and continue pushing yourself! As normal, I have attached work for reading, writing, maths and an afternoon activity. On top of this if you can continue to use your fancy flicks, remember to use your phonics and knowledge of spellings and keep using maths games! 


Thinking of you all


Stay safe and positive


Miss Pitt :)