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Hello Year 1!


I hope you are all staying safe and staying positive! The sunshine definitely made it easier, but I hope you are all still getting outside for some fresh air and exercise. Hopefully the nice weather comes back soon :) 


Below are the activities for those of you continuing to learn from home this week. As some of the children return to the classroom this week, I would just like to say that I will be supporting both those at home, and those within school.

As usual, there are a range of activities to cover reading, phonics, English, maths, and your afternoon (topic sessions). In English for this week, the children will return to looking at a particular text, in this case Katie in London. The activities are all based around this, so please ensure you read the top doccument before opening the resources (as this will help to make them make sense). 


I hope you enjoy the work that is set, and please remember that I am always on hand for any questions or support you might need- via the Office email. 


Have a wonderful week, and keep smiling laugh


Miss Woodward. 







In Phonics this week, the children will be continuing to access the Letters and Sounds Videos. This week, they should complete lessons 16 to 20. The links below will take you directly to the videos. Lower down the page, I have uploaded a number of phonics challenges which I would like the children to access. 


Monday- Lesson 16 'oy' (toy)


Tuesday- Lesson 17 'ph' (phone)


Wednesday- Lesson 18 'wh' (wheel)


Thursday- Lesson 19 'au' (author)


Friday- Lesson 20 'a' (apron)



In Maths this week, children will begin a new unit of Geometry called Position and Direction. This area of learning is new to the children, and they will learn to describe position, directions and movements, including whole, half, quarter and three-quarter turns. The activities below are suggestions of more active, practical things that you can do at home to help support their learning.