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 Welcome to our Nurture page.

Nurture Staff are Mrs Aubrey and Miss Myatt

smiley In Nurture we all work together as a team. We support the children so that they can develop into independent learners.

 We enjoy learning with the children whilst having lots of fun and laughter along the way!

'The Den' is run every afternoon from 1:10 -3:10 pm.  Nurture is to support children who will benefit from working in smaller groups and they work at their own individual levels. 

This term we are exploring:


Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson

 This book is about three characters who become friends and share a shell.

We will be exploring this book about kindness and sharing.

We will also use it to learn about lots of different other

things, for example Rock pools and the animals that live in them.


Feedback from parents:

" Me and Ambrose really enjoyed our afternoon. We really liked making the skeletons"


"Really enjoyed it, Ethan is so settled in here which is amazing to see"


"It was really, really good. Lilly is coming on brilliantly. She has got amazing support, thank you!"


"Enjoyed watch me learn with Elliot, we had fun making the skeleton".


"Had a wonderful afternoon!"


"Excellent give Mrs Aubrey a raise!"


"Good, I am happy" Said Steven and his mum.


"I enjoyed the afternoon" said Elliot


"Good" said Max


In the Den Watch Me Learn we welcomed our parents and we showed them how amazing we are!!

We showed off our phonic skills and our 2 x's tables song.

We also created our own Emotion  Monsters flap book.

Look at the photographs of our fab day!!

 Here is the feedback from our parents;


" Had an amazing morning, thank you"


" Had a fab day as usual, enjoyed seeing how the children learn their phonics and times tables".


"Thank you for a lovely morning. We really enjoyed it!" 


"Really good. Good to see Max has come along so much. His reading is fantastic." Beth.


" I really think that the Den days are really fun day and you can see the progress that your child is doing. Brilliant!"


"Everything was good" Ronan.

" Thank you for a lovely morning" Ambrose

" I love the Den" Steven



 This term we have been looking at Stick Man. The Nurture group have enjoyed creating their own stick man and the family.Image result for stick man book



Look who came to visit us in the Den today!!!!!

Spring Term

 This term we are exploring 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle.

We are looking at healthy living.

We will be planting Lettuce, Carrot, Radish and Spring Onions seeds. We will also be planting Sunflowers.

We are going to group foods into healthy and unhealthy. 

We will be creating our own healthy lunchbox and healthy plate of food.

We will be looking at exercise and how it affects our bodies.

We will also be exploring 'keeping clean' looking at washing our hands and brushing our teeth.

Planting our Carrot, Radish and Spring Onion seeds.

Planting our Cress seeds.

   Ordering the foods eaten by 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.

 On Thursday 7th March we celebrated 'World Book Day'.

The Den children dressed up and looked amazing!!

       13th March 2019  Watch Me Learn Day


     This afternoon in the 'Watch Me Learn' day we planted sunflower seeds and then we created a How to Plant a Sunflower leaflet.

 We also had a tasting session, tasting all the foods that 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' ate. Once we tasted the foods we then had to complete a worksheet to show which foods were liked and which were not liked.


'Watch Me Learn' Planting the Sunflower seeds and creating a planting leaflet.

Watch Me Learn 13th March 2019

 Watch Me Learn feedback from parents 13th March 2019.

  "I liked the variety of activities and watching the relationships the children have with the teaching staff." (Ronan's mum).

 "Enjoyed it, had fun, lots of things to do!" (Ethan's mum).

 " Thank you for an amazing afternoon. We really enjoyed it smiley!" (Steven's mum).

 " Me and Lilly had loads of fun, really enjoyed spending time in the Den with Lilly. She did really well tasting different things, cutting out and sticking!" Richard (Lilly's dad)

 " Very good we enjoyed planting the sunflowers" (Max's mum)

" Had fun, great to see how Elliot is doing" Glen ( Elliot's dad)

" I really enjoyed Ambrose trying new foods. Me and Ambrose really enjoyed planting the Sunflower seeds.We had a brilliant afternoon in the Den" (Ambrose's mum).


 This week we have had some frogspawn delivered. We are going to be watching them grow as we explore all about life cycles!

Here we are looking at the frogspawn.

Creating our own animals using craft materials.

 This term we are looking at the book 'Cave Baby' by Julia Donaldson

 Using this book we will explore our friendships and emotions. We will also be exploring families.

We have created our own cave drawings using sand paper.

 We also looking at 'Susan Laughs' ; this book is about children who have disabilities. Using this book we will look at what makes us different and why. 

We created our own family pictures using Play Doh.

We explored what it would be like not to be able to hear or see properly.

We have created our own clay models along with the whole school.

Look who's arrived in the Den! PIRATES!!!!!!

 Feedback from Watch Me Learn 17th July 2019:


" enjoyed watching my child learn, he had fun making hats and doing road safety." Y2

" me and Ambrose really enjoy our time in the Nurture group!"

" I did amazing" said Ambrose

" I had a lovely afternoon with my son, really enjoyed it. Thankyou so much for everything. Have a nice summer"

" we had a lot of fun today"




We looked at our Tricky Words Phase 2-5, Number Bonds to 10 and Road Safety.

 Watch Me Learn 17th July 2019