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Year 3

Year 3 'watch me learn' day.


For our day, we spent time looking at the artist Margaret Godfrey and her series of paintings of Volcanoes.


We then used lots of different materials to create our own versions of her art work using our own style and vision.


The results were so amazing and Year 3 were really proud of their families. 


Thank you, from all of us!


Enjoy all the pictures below...

Here are some quotes from the day...


"My child really enjoys her time at the school. She always tells me how much she likes the teachers and all of her class friends."


"Brilliant experience of what my child does and how she is taught. Really good day."


"I enjoyed the time that I spent with my child today. It's lovely to be able to come into his classroom and see what he does within school."


"Brilliant, quality time with my child and the rest of the class really enjoyed it!"