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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.
Picture 1 Mr Steve Martin- Head Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Sarah Howson- Deputy Head/ Year 1 teacher
Picture 3 Mr Andrew Bagley- Assistant Head/ Year 4 teacher
Picture 4 Mrs Gail Williams- Foundation 1 teacher (0.8)
Picture 5 Ms Jay Clarke- Foundation 1 teacher (0.2)
Picture 6 Mrs Sara Cookson- FS & KS1 leader/FS2 Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs Lisa Keay- Year 1 teacher (0.6)
Picture 8 Mr Matthew Hammersley- Year 2 teacher
Picture 9 Miss Lucy Lea-Smith- Year 3 teacher
Picture 10 Miss Victoria Belfield- Year 5 teacher
Picture 11 Miss Amy Carter- Year 6 teacher

Support Staff

Support Staff 1 Mrs Wendy Taylor- FS1 Early Years Practitioner
Support Staff 2 Mrs Joanne Heath- FS1 Early Years Practitioner
Support Staff 3 Mrs Jane McKeever- FS1 Early Years Practitioner
Support Staff 4 Mrs Stephanie Proffit-FS2 Early Years Practitioner
Support Staff 5 Mrs Sue Lomas- Personal Welfare Assistant
Support Staff 6 Mrs Mandy Aubery- Personal Welfare Assistant
Support Staff 7 Mrs Julie Burke- TSA year 1
Support Staff 8 Mrs Julie Cooper- TSA year 2
Support Staff 9 Miss Natalie Munn-TSA year 3
Support Staff 10 Miss Kym Smith- TSA year 5
Support Staff 11 Miss Andrea Johnson- TSA year 6/ HLTA
Support Staff 12 Mrs Jill Meacham- Personal Welfare Assistant
Support Staff 13 Miss Sarah Myatt- Special Needs Welfare Assistant
Support Staff 14 Mr Josh Barlow- TSA Year 6/HLTA
Support Staff 15 Mrs Louise Walsh- Apprentice TSA

Administrative staff

Administrative staff 1 Mrs Gill Hardie- School Business Manager
Administrative staff 2 Mrs Sharon Bailey- School admin assistant
Administrative staff 3 Miss Hollie Brereton- School admin assistant
Administrative staff 4 Mrs Claire Meadowcroft- Extended Services Manager

Premises Staff

Premises Staff 1 Mr Gareth Ward- Site Supervisor

Lunch time Supervisors

Lunch time Supervisors 1 Mrs Sue Caswell
Lunch time Supervisors 2 Mrs Sandra Smith
Lunch time Supervisors 3 Miss Holly Slater
Lunch time Supervisors 4 Mrs Linda Beresford
Lunch time Supervisors 5 Mrs Anita Underwood
Lunch time Supervisors 6 Mrs Maria Barnett
Lunch time Supervisors 7 Mrs Lillian Lythe
Lunch time Supervisors 8 Mrs D Kent
Lunch time Supervisors 9 Mrs Kathryn Offen-James
Lunch time Supervisors 10 Mrs Rachel Fryer

Care Club Staff

Care Club Staff 1 Mrs Jan Butcher- Care Club Manager

Roles and Responsibilities. 





Head Teacher

Mr Steven Martin

Pupil Progress and achievement

Assessment Leader

Child Protection Officer

Extended schools Leader

Curriculum Leader

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Sarah Howson



Maths Leader

Science Leader

Assistant Head Teacher

Mr Andrew Bagley

Pupil Premium Leader

Key Stage 2 Leader

English Leader


Mrs Gail Williams (0.8)

Humanities leader

CPD Leader

Ms. Jay Clarke (0.2)

PE team member


Mrs Sara Cookson

Early Years & Key Stage 1 Leader

Phonics Leader


Year 1

Mrs Sarah Howson (0.4)


Mrs Lisa Keay (0.6)


Art Leader

DT Leader

Year 2

Mr Matthew Hammersley

Computing Leader

Sports Leader

Lead Teacher Educator

Year 3

Miss Lucy Lea-Smith (0.8)

Miss Andrea Johnson (0.2)


RE Leader

SMSC Leader

Year 4

Mr Andrew Bagley


Year 5

Miss Victoria Belfield

Music Leader

MFL Leader

Forest school leader

Year 6

Miss Amy Carter

Maths leader

Spanish Teacher

Mrs Sarah Belaradj (0.2)