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Sandwell Well-being Charter Mark

About the Sandwell Well-being Charter Mark

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The Societas Trust is focusing on Wellbeing and Mental Health. The Sandwell Well-being Charter is a school’s opportunity to commit to improving the mental health and well-being of everyone connected to the school. All Societas Academies will be taking part in this project.


The Charter Mark is made up of three elements:



The Charter Mark has been developed by Sandwell Council's Inclusion Support Educational Psychologists in partnership with the council's Public Health team. 


The process will allow us to explore areas of strength and development again the eight principle outlines below:


Mr. Martin and other senior leaders and head teachers across the trust will then work with Educational Phycologists to carry out an action plan created via the feedback from pupils, parents and staff about Well-being. Following the successful achievement of this action plan, the school will then be awarded ‘The Sandwell Well-being Charter Mark’. From next half term we will be working on this action plan and more information will follow once this process has started. Here is the link below if you wish to find out more.